Naa Styley Veru

Sivaram (Rajasekhar) is a drunkard to the core and is the cause of concern for his brother ACP Sharath (banerjee) and his advocate father (chalapathi rao). Apparently, he hates his family since he feels they were the cause of death of his lady love Divya (keerat), However, a phone call comes from one Parvathy (bhumika) and she is locked up somewhere by some kidnappers. Apparently, her family members are trying to kill her. Sivaram comes to the rescue act and gets Parvathy out from there. She begins to stay with him and soon her father (vijaykumar) comes from the US. Meanwhile, an amount of 5 crores gets lost and two murders also take place. Sivaram gets into the act to resolve this mystery and how he does that forms the rest of the story.